Naval Base Ventura County - Point Mugu, CA




Naval Base Ventura County:
Point Mugu

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311 Main Road
Bldg. 1
Point Mugu, CA 93042


On October 11, 2000 the commands of Point Mugu and Port merged into one command with three physical locations including Point Mugu, Port Hueneme and San Nicolas Island called Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC).

NBVC is located near Oxnard, CA, approximately 30 miles north of Los Angeles. Point Mugu provides aviation support to the U.S Pacific Fleet and Port Hueneme provides base operating support. There are over 18,000 active duty, family members, civilian contractors, and Federal employees served by NBVC.
Base Operator: 805-989-1110
DSN:  312-351-1110

Civilian Personnel:  805-982-2418
Commissary:  805-982-2418
Family Center:  805-982-5037
Exchange:  805-989-8896
Hospital:  805-989-8815
Household Goods - In:  805-982-5260
Household Goods - Out:  805-982-5260
ID Card Processing:  805-982-5367
Personnel Support Office:  805-982-2573
Spouse Education: 805-982-5325
Temporary Lodging:  805-989-8251








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