Dobbins ARB
Dobbins ARB, GA




Dobbins ARB
1430 First Street
Marietta, GA  30069

Dobbins Air Reserve Base is located in Marietta, GA, which is 20 miles north of Atlanta. It serves as the home station of the 94th Airlift Wing of the Air Force Reserve Command and its fleet of Hercules C-130 aircraft, and is also the location of the headquarters for AFRC's Twenty-Second Air Force. It is also home to the Army Aviation Service Facility #2 (AASF#2) of the Georgia Army National Guard and their fleet of UH-60 Blackhawks. Dobbins is also home to Marine ands Navy Reserve units
Base Operator:  678-655-6835
DSN:  312-625-3835

Civilian Personnel:  678-655-3891
Family Support:  678-655-5004
Exchange:  770-428-1274
Hospital:  678-655-4995
ID Card Processing:  678-655-3835
Spouse Education:  678-655-4000
Temporary Lodging:  678-655-4745
Vehicle Registration:  678-655-5738








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