Base Ketchikan, AK



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Throughout this Area of Responsibility ISC Ketchikan provides support for 32 units and detachments including 1093 active duty and civilian personnel. In addition to these services, ISC Ketchikan provides the following support services for all Coast Guard units in Alaska: Industrial Support Activity services Group Engineer naval engineering functions (Patrol Boats (WPB's) and standard boats) Force Optimization & Training support Approximately one third of the ISC's staff is stationed in Juneau, Alaska. Elements in Juneau include the Work-life Staff, the Force Optimization and Training Branch, and portions of the Personnel Reporting Unit, MWR, and Procurement Branches.

ISC Kodiak provides similar services for the units on Kodiak Island and to LORAN Stations Port Clarence, Attu, and Saint Paul. The two ISCs coordinate delivery of support services to meet the operational needs of all Coast Guard units in Alaska.




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