Fort Benning, GA




Fort Benning
7117 Baltzell Ave.
Bldg 7
Fort Benning, GA 31905



Fort Benning is located 90 miles from Atlanta, GA
and Montgomery, AL. It is located in what is known
as the "Tri Communities" which make up Fort Benning, Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL.  Fort Benning
is known as the "Home of the Infantry" and houses
major units such as the 36th Engineer Group, 3rd Infantry Division and the 3rd Brigade.  The post was named after Confederate General Henry Lewis Benning. The fort has
been home to the infantry for over 75 years and the
population is over 107,000.




Base Operator:  706-545-2011
DSN:  312-835-2011

Civilian Personnel:  706-545-3374
Commissary:  706-544-3965
Family Support:  706-545-5521
Exchange:  706-685-3242
Hospital:  706-408-2604
Household Goods - In:  706-545-4900
Household Goods - Out:  706-545-4900
ID Card Processing:  706-545-9085
Personnel Support Office:  706-545-4630
Spouse Education:  706-545-2836
Temporary Lodging:  706-689-0067




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