USAREC, 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion, KY$



Headquarters, United States Army Recruiting Command (HQ USAREC) is located on Fort Knox, Kentucky, approximately 31 miles south of Louisville. The USAREC Commander, a Major General, is assisted by two Deputy Commanding Generals (Brigadier Generals.) Recruiting Command is a field operating agency under the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel. More than 600 military and civilian personnel work in the Headquarters staff activities of personnel, administration, logistics, budget, and information management, plus several specialized functions such as advertising, market research and analysis, and recruiting operations. Another element of USAREC is the United States Recruiting Support Brigade(RSBde), located on Fort Knox. It provides audiovisual assistance in support of recruiting and operates the Army exhibit team which travels throughout the United States telling the Army story with exhibits at shopping centers, high schools, fairs,conventions, and other public facilities and events. Army recruiting operations are conducted throughout the United States, in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and at U.S. facilities in Panama, Europe, and Asia. The Recruiting Command's major subordinate headquarters include five recruiting brigades. Each brigade commands and controls up to nine recruiting battalions in its geographic area for a total of 41 battalions. Each battalion in turn commands the recruiting companies in its area. Currently, 243 companies provide the tactical control of our field recruiters.




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