Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VA




Joint Base Myer - Henderson Hall (JBMHH)
102 Custer Road
Building 201
Ft Myer, VA  22211


Fort Myer is located near Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, VA. The post is just minutes from Washington, D.C.  Fort Myer is home to the United States Army Band "Pershing's Own", Headquarters Army Garrison and Infantry Regiment (Old Guard). The command includes Fort Myer and Henderson Hall. The installations joined functions and are now known as Joint Base Myer- Henderson Hall. There are over 9,800 active duty, 3,500 family members and 1,000 civilians on the installation. 



Base Operator: 703-545-6700
DSN:  312-426-3510

Civilian Personnel:  703-704-3009
Commissary:  703-696-3674
Family Support:  703-696-8467
Exchange:  703-522-4575
Hospital:  703-696-3467
Household Goods - In:  703-806-4900
Household Goods - Out:  703-806-4900
ID Card Processing:  703-696-3030
Personnel Support Office:  703-696-3695
Spouse Education:  703-696-3510
Temporary Lodging:  703-696-3576








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