Fort McCoy, WI




Fort McCoy
2111 South 8th Avenue
Fort McCoy, WI  54656


The Fort McCoy complex is situated on approximately 60,000-plus acres in the Coulee Region of West Central Wisconsin with an additional 60,000 acres available through training-permit agreements. It is located on Hwy 21 between Sparta and Tomah, approximately 35 miles from LaCrosse and 105 miles NW of Madison. The installation houses the 88th Regional Support Command, training active and reserve component U.S. military personnel from all branches of the Armed Forces. Fort McCoy also houses the SSG Todd R. Cornell NCO Academy, 181st Infantry Brigade, 86th Training Division, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, WING Challenge Academy, WI State Patrol Academy and various others. The Fort McCoy population includes 400 military personnel and 2000 civilians.


Base Operator:  608-388-2222
DSN:  312-280-1110

Civilian Personnel:  608-388-2722
Commissary:  608-388-3542
Family Support:  608-388-2412
Exchange:  608-269-5604
Hospital:  608-388-3025
Household Goods - In:  800-637-5401
Household Goods - Out:  800-637-5401
ID Card Processing:  608-388-4563
Personnel Support Office:  608-388-3960
Spouse Education:  608-388-6507
Temporary Lodging:  608-388-3946






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