Fort Irwin, CA




Fort Irwin
Reception Campus, Bldg 109
Langford Lake Rd
Fort Irwin, CA  92310


Fort Irwin is located between Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA, high in the Mojave Desert, about 37 miles northeast of Barstow, CA. The post is home to the National Training Center, 1st Squadron, Support Squadron, U.S. Army Garrison and 11th Cavalry Regiment. There are over 4,600 active duty service members along with more than 11,000 dependents and civilians.



Base Operator:  760-380-3369
DSN:  312-470-3369

Civilian Personnel:  760-380-3077
Commissary:  760-380-3560
Family Support:  760-380-9698
Exchange:  760-386-2060
Hospital:  760-380-3114
Household Goods - In:  760-380-5330
Household Goods - Out: 760-380-4252
ID Card Processing:  760-380-3100
Personnel Support Office:  760-380-3077
Spouse Education:  760-380-5165
Temporary Lodging:  760-386-4040






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