Fort Huachuca, AZ




Fort Huachuca
50010 Smith Street
Fort Huachuca, AZ  85613

Fort Huachuca houses the U.S. Army's Network Enterprise Technology Command. The city of Sierra Vista, which annexed Fort Huachuca in 1971, is a growing community where a number of personnel assigned to the post reside. Post personnel also reside in the communities of Huachuca City, Bisbee, Tombstone, Benson, Douglas, Nogales, and Tucson. Fort Huachuca is a joint services installation training over 9,000 students each year. The population includes over 5500 active duty military, 11,000 family members and 8,000 civilians.

Base Operator:  520-533-2330
DSN:  312-821-2330

Civilian Personnel:  520-538-6102
Commissary:  520-533-5540
Family Support:  520-533-5719
Exchange:  520-458-7210
Hospital:  520-533-9200
ID Card Processing:  520-533-1608
Personnel Support Office:  520-533-5010
Spouse Education:  520-533-2330
Temporary Lodging:  520-533-2222






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