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Camp Atterbury was one of only two Guard facilities activated as of late July 2004, as a mobilization center for overseas deployment. The facility was activated in February 2003, its first activation since the Korean War. Camp Atterbury is home to many disparate organizations and agencies. The majority of the camp, extending southward from just west of Edinburgh almost to Columbus, is run by the Indiana National Guard and the US Army Reserve. Much of it is a Reserve Forces Training Facility. The 655 acre Cantonment Area is open year round to serve the training requirements of all branches of military forces, as well as Federal and local law enforcement and other agencies.

The present post, consisting of 33,484.64 acres, measures nearly 12 miles, north-to-south, and is seven miles wide, east-to-west, at the widest point. Camp Atterbury's vast expanses allow commanders to train their troops in infantry operations on company, battalion, or even brigade scales. Varied terrain and vegetation provide outstanding areas for all forms of offensive and defensive tactics. Sites are also available for air assault, rappelling, ground reconnaissance, and other specialized training operations.

  • Area code is 812
  • The phone numbers are prefixed by 5266-XXXX
  • Defense Switched Network (DSN) is 569-XXXX  (XXXX is the last four (ext) numbers of phone number)
  • Post Operator :


    Commercial 812-526-1499

    1-800-237-2850 X1499

    DSN 569-2499 or

    On post 1499

Important Numbers for Camp Atterbury

Camp Atterbury Post Operator (812) 526-1499
(800) 237-2850
DSN 569-2499
On Post 1499
All Ranks Club (812) 526-1143   
Barbershop (812) 526-1163      
Campground (812) 526-1128 or 1110 
Chapel (812) 526-1151
Exchange (812) 526-1140 
Housing (812) 526-1110  
King Hall Dining Facility (812) 526-1141    
Laundromat (812) 526-1163   
Troop Medical Clinic - Emergency
Front Desk

(812) 526-1120  

(812) 526-1121  

Work Out Center (812) 526-1149    



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