Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center, MS





Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center
2500 Jackson Ave
Hattiesburg, MS  39401


Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center (CSJFTC) is primarily located in portions of Perry and Forrest Counties with a small portion in Greene County, in south Mississippi. The training center was established in 1917 to support of mobilization during World War I and it has served almost continuously since then as a training site not only for the Reserve Components of the Army, but also for active components of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. The base can support battalion level maneuver training for such units as the M1 Abrams Tank, Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles and M109A6 Paladin Howitzers. It is home to the 177th Armored Brigade. The base serves over 100,000 personnel annually.





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