Fort Greely, AK




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Relocation & Community Information

Base Realignment: Due to the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure Committee decisions, Fort Greely has been designated for realignment. The process has begun and will be completed no later than July 2001. Starting in April 1999 Northern Warfare Training Center soldiers will be stationed at Ft. Wainwright. Their families will be housed at Ft. Wainwright. The soldiers will be attached and work at Ft. Greely. Ft. Wainwright is 100 miles north of Ft. Greely so there will be a separation during the training missions.

After July 1999, there will no longer be "accompanied" tours at Ft. Greely as the post will be in the process of phasing down personnel, services and programs to meet the July 2001 BRAC directed realignment completion date. If you are being assigned to Ft. Greely after July 1999 and you are contemplating bringing your family with you to live on the economy in Delta Junction you need to check things out carefully. As this will be considered an unaccompanied tour the Army will not pay to bring your family with you.

Fort Greely is located in a picturesque state with an abundance of mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers and wildlife. The post is surrounded by two mountain ranges - the Granites and the Alaska Range - providing a beautiful view of snow-capped mountains (for many in government quarters this can be seen by merely glancing out the window).




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