Fort Gordon
Fort Gordon, GA





Fort Gordon
307 Chamberlain Avenue
Fort Gordon, GA  30905



Fort Gordon is located near Augusta, GA. Fort Gordon
provides base services and support for training, operational
and soldier sustainment needs. Fort Gordon supports Army
and DOD organizations and activities. The total population is
over 94,000 and includes over 15,000 active duty, over 20,000 family members and over 45,000 retirees and retiree family members.

Base Operator: 706-791-0110
DSN:  312-780-0110

Civilian Personnel:  706-791-6382
Commissary: 706-791-3718
Family Support:  706-791-4872
Exchange:  706-793-0230
Hospital:  706-787-5811
Household Goods - In:  706-791-4184
Household Goods - Out:  706-791-4184
ID Card Processing:  706-791-1927
Personnel Support Office:  706-791-4449
Spouse Education:  706-791-3579
Temporary Lodging:  877-711-8326



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