Tinker AFB
Tinker AFB, OK





Tinker Air Force Base
3420 D. Avenue
Tinker Air Force Base, OK  73145


Tinker AFB is located in Oklahoma City, OK.  Tinker
AFB is home to Navy Strategic Communications
Wing I, 72d Air Base Wing, 552d air Control Wing and Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center.  There are over
8,600 active duty, along with 26,000 dependents,
reservists and civilians on base.




Commissary:  405-734-5212
Exchange:  405-734-2641
Family Readiness:  405-739-2747
Gates:  405-734-3737
Housing Referral:  405-734-2821
Housing:   405-734-7350
ID Card Processing:  405-739-7646
Medical Appointments:  405-734-2778
MWR:  405-734-2289
Temporary Lodging:  405-732-1475





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