Fort Bragg, NC


Religious Services:

Main Post Chapel (910) 396-8416
Religious Education (910) 396-6564

Catholic Mass

Fort Bragg, NC  28310
Phone: (910)396-1121
Phone: (910)396-1122
Phone: (910)396-6564
DSN: 236-1121/1122
Catholic mass services are held at various chapels on Ft. Bragg. Contact the Main Post Chaplin for times and places.                  

Islamic Services

Corner of Knox & Randolph, Bldg.1-3358
Watters Center for Family Life & Religous Education
Fort Bragg, NC  28310
Phone: (910) 396-5400
Phone: (910) 396-6564
DSN: 236-5400/6564
Islamic services are offered at the Watters Center for Family Life and Religious Education. Call for updated schedule and more information.

Jewish Services

Ardennes Street
Faith Community Chapel
Fort Bragg, NC  28310
Phone: (910) 432-1653
DSN: 239-1653
Jewish services are offered on Fort Bragg at Faith Community Chapel. Call for updated schedule and more information.

Lutheran Services

Smoke Bomb Hill Chapel
Fort Bragg, NC  28310
Phone: (910) 396-1121
Lutheran services are offered at the Smoke Bomb Hill Chapel. Call for times and directions.

Orthodox Services

Wood Memorial (Division South) Chapel
Ardennes Street
Fort Bragg, NC  28310
Phone: (910) 432-7730
DSN: 239-7730
Orthodox Services are offered at Wood Memorial Chapel. Call for more information on times.

Protestant Services

Fort Bragg, NC  28310
Phone: (910) 396-1121
Protestant services are offered at several of the chapels on Fort Bragg. Call (910) 396-1121 for a list of times and locations.

Religious, Marital & Pre-Marital Counseling

Knox Street
Watters Family Life Center, Bldg. 1-3358
Fort Bragg, NC  28310
Phone: (910) 396-6564
Programs include family enrichment, marriage enrichment, couples communication workshops, marriage/family counseling, and parenting programs.

Watters Center for Family Life and Religious Education

Knox & Randolph Streets
Bldg. 1-3358
Fort Bragg, NC  28310-5000
Phone: (910) 396-4157
Phone: (910) 396-6564
DSN: 236-4157/6564
The following services are provided: Catholic, Jewish & Protestant Religious Education Programs for all ages. Post-wide ecumenical Jr.Hi & Sr. Hi Youth Programs - Catholic, Jewish, Moslem & Protestant Scripture Studies - Baptism Classes (Catholic) - Marriage Preparation (Catholic) - Adult Education programs - Summer Vacation Bible Schools - Volunteer Teaching Training classes.



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